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Disability Technical Assistance


The Center on Postsecondary Education and Disability provides technical assistance as a means of communicating information promptly and efficiently. Our work in technical assistance originated in 1986 through the support of the Connecticut Department of Higher Education for consultation with Connecticut colleges and universities. The focus was to expand postsecondary opportunities for students with learning disabilities in the State and to assist professionals in developing and implementing campus disability services. Our technical assistance focus has expanded to include all disabilities and is now offered via this web site. In addition to information about in-state resources, there are numerous links for information, agencies, and materials pertaining to a wide range of topics across disabilities.


Disability-Related Resources

Disability Services Contact Persons for Students on Connecticut College and University Campuses

University of Connecticut Resources for Students with Disabilities

Connecticut Resources for Assessment Services

Disability Documentation Guidelines to Determine Eligibility for Accommodations at the Postsecondary Level, Connecticut Association on Higher Education and Disability (revised January, 2008)