Connecticut Resources for Assessment Services

This list is organized by state (CT) and then regionally within the state. Following the table of practitioners below, you will find links to Organizations/Agencies in Connecticut that might be of assistance.

Inclusion on this list does not constitute endorsement by the University of Connecticut’s Center on Postsecondary Education and Disability.

Last updated: 2/8/14

An informational note about insurance coverage. It is important to check with your insurance provider about insurance coverage for the cost of evaluations. Coverage is often contingent upon whether the testing is related to a medical or psychiatric condition. A learning disability in and of itself is not regarded as a medical or psychiatric condition. Be sure to use the proper terminology regarding the type of evaluation when talking to your insurance provider. An evaluator can advise you about the exact nature or type of evaluation being conducted. In many instances, an evaluation for a learning disability is not included in insurance coverage.


Name and
Phone Number/E-Mail Address/ Website URL Assessment
Teresa Foley, Ph.D.
Hartford, CT
Learning disabilities; nonverbal learning disabilities
(learning or academic aspects or characteristics only)
Fee determined on a case-by-case basis according to
financial means.
Has experience working with adults since 2003.
Mary White-Roath, Ed.D.
Integrated Assessment Associates
16 Brace Road
West Hartford, CT 06107
Learning disabilities; nonverbal learning disabilities; ADD/ADHD Sliding fee scale not available; however, timed payments
can be arranged.
Over 20 years experience working with adults. Primarily
works with ages 5-25, including preschool readiness screenings as well as reading evaluations.
Lisa Piechowski, Ph.D., ABPP (American Board of
Professional Psychology)
Glastonbury, CT
Learning disabilities; ADD/ADHD Sliding fee scale not available. 15+ years experience working with adults.
Eunice Hartley, Ph.D.
Nationally Certified School Psychologist
South Windsor, CT
860-870-6875, x140
Learning disabilities; ADD/ADHD; intellectual disabilities Sliding fee scale not available. Over 10 years experience working with elementary and 2
years with high school ages.
Sarah Hodgson, Ph.D.
Hebron, CT
Learning disabilities; ADD/ADHD; Autism and related disorders; language disorders; mood, anxiety and other mental illness
Fee is $800-$1200 for college students. Sliding fee
scale not available.
Over 10 years experience working with adults.
Adrienne Smaller, Ph.D.
Madison, CT
Learning disabilities; nonverbal learning disabilities; ADD/ADHD; Autism Spectrum Disorder Sliding fee scale not available. Direct payment only, but some insurance companies will partially reimburse. 25+ experience working with adults. Dr. Smaller
is an Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychology at the Yale Child Study
James Perrone, Ph.D.
Monroe, CT
Learning disabilities; nonverbal learning disabilities; vocational; ADD/ADHD Sliding fee scale available based on need. 35+ years experience working with adults.
Learning House
Susan Santora, M.S.
Guilford, CT
Learning disabilities; nonverbal learning disabilities;
With over 30 years experience working with adults,
Learning House uses the team of an educator, psychologist, and speech and
language therapist to conduct evaluations.
Shoreline Pediatric Neuropsychological Services,
Shelley Pelletier, Ph.D., NCSP, ABPP
Board Certified in Clinical Neuropsychology and School Psychology
Old Saybrook, CT
Neuropsychology; school psychology Does not accept insurance. Works primarily with individuals aged 3-21, but will
extend upward if issues remain school/educationally related.
Caryl Frankenberger, Ed.M.
Branford, CT
Learning disabilities Sliding fee scale available, dependent on client
Over 20 years experience working with adults.
Orit Barkowski Batey, Ph.D.
Neuropsychologist; Licensed Psychologist
Easton, CT
203-459-0181 Learning disabilities; nonverbal learning disabilities; ADD/ADHD; traumatic brain injuries Sliding fee scale not available. Over 20 years experience working with adults.
Peter F. Love, Ph.D.Educator; Education coach and consultant

167 East High Street
East Hampton, CT 06424
Cognitive and achievement testing, ADHD evaluation, college and career planning with the Birkman Method, academic coaching. See website for details. Offers college-readiness evaluations and weekly personalized coaching sessions.
Western Connecticut Behavioral Health (WCBH)
Jessica Biren Caverly, Ph.D., Allison Sidel, Ph.D.
828 Federal Road
Brookfield, CT 06804

 Learning disabilities, autism spectrum disorders, ADD/ADHD, intellectual disabilities, language disorders, mental illness, neuropsychological Fee determined on a case-by-case basis Focus on evaluations of children, teens, and adults. Specializes in educational evaluations, neuropsychological evaluations, and evaluations for diagnostic clarification.
Brenda Shapiro, Ph.D.
Clinical Neuropsychologist
79A Norwich Ave.,
Colchester, CT 06415

Learning disabilities; AD/HD; language disorder; general neuropsychological  fee determined on a case-by-case basis  15+ years experience conducting individualized assessments



UCONN Psychological Services Clinic

Department of Social Services (DSS), State of Connecticut. Visit the DSS website for general information and for an extensive list of contact names and phone numbers by region, (1-800-842-1508).

Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, Hartford, CT, (860-545-9000).