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Assistant Director, Disability Support Services, Virginia Commonwealth University

[Posted: 7/21/17]

The Office of Disability Support Services is currently searching for an Assistant Director, to aid the Director in providing leadership and oversight within the office. The primary focus of this position will be overseeing the determination and provision of academic accommodations and establishing innovative initiatives to provide learning supports for students registered with the office.

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Learning Instructor for Students with Disabilities, University of Pennsylvania

[Posted: 6/13/17]

The Learning Instructor for Students with Disabilities is the individual responsible for providing comprehensive academic support for students who identify with disabilities, including learning disabilities and ADHD. This position is responsible for providing individual and group instruction emphasizing self-advocacy and the development of strategies in academic reading, writing, studying and time management. This staff member also works closely with the Director of the Office of Learning Resources in the provision of academic support for additional students who present with complex learning and study needs. While this position is within the Office of Learning Resources, the Learning Instructor for Students with Disabilities works collaboratively with the Office of Student Disabilities Services to determine comprehensive academic plans for students with disabilities to complement accommodations, academic adjustments, and the use of auxiliary aids. This individual is aware of emerging technologies and appropriately incorporates them into the overall plan for academic support. This position also supports and works collaboratively with faculty and staff members across campus to assure that students with disabilities have the opportunity for academic success and a positive university experience.

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